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Player Info
Name: Althea
Age: Older than Dirt.
Contact: magicarp @ plurk
Characters Already in Teleios: none
Reserve: Over here.

Character Basics:
Character Name: Selphie Tilmitt
Journal: booyaka
Age: 17
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Canon Point: end of game
Class A: 34
Class B: 388
Class C: 17
  • Sabotage

  • GRAND TOTAL: 229 years, 5 months

    Canon Character Section:
    History: "Everybody! Love and Peace!"

    Multifaceted is the best word to describe Selphie. Outsiders would consider her hyperactive and potentially annoying. She comes across as silly, clueless, immature and childish a great deal of the time, and certainly these are true about her, between her bouncy behaviors, loud yelling and impulsive actions. Some of this stems from what can only be seen as a surprising innocence. She sees the best in everybody and everything, keeping the cheer up at all costs, even when she's hurting. In fact, she's a master at putting up a happy front, even when she's downright miserable. And while she tends to speak exactly what's on her mind at the moment, bluntly but never spitefully, her private thoughts remain her own. In public forums, like her website, she'll just quit writing when she realizes that she's revealing the less than cheery side of herself, or is about to reveal her doubts. However, her doubts are few, as she exudes confidence in herself, even when she's done something terribly embarrassing like taking a fall off a cliff.

    On the other hand, she is also caring and thoughtful. When her friends are down, she's the one actively working to cheer them up and encourage them. Her friends are a driving force for her, as she eagerly tries to build as large of a social circle as she can. She has an unmatched love of life that impacts every aspect of her persona. Sometimes this translates into rash behaviors, rushing in before she thinks; however, this side of her is balanced by an intuitive and introspective nature as well. She knows just what to say to shake someone out of their shell or make them feel better; while she may be clueless about matters of the heart, she's a good observer of people. Which isn't to say that she hasn't been known to take the teasing and trolling just a little a lot too far sometimes. But it makes sense that she's got a great feel for people, she's a trained mercenary with specialization in communications. And contrary to what people might assume about her on first glance, she's sharp as a tack. Just because she enjoys life and endorses a sunshine and rainbows outlook, doesn't make her stupid by any means.

    She is carefree, sociable, independent and spunky--there is no damsel-in-distress within her. Rather, she stands up for what she considers right and to protect others, especially those she cares about. Sometimes her defense of others comes without any foresight, leading her to get herself into unexpected jams, although she's the queen of last minute escapes. Even though she's independent and won't go asking someone to save her, she understands the importance of being part of a team: taking orders cheerfully, acting in the role of a leader when necessary, stepping in to help comrades in a pinch, recruiting help for the Garden Festival, reminding others that they aren't alone. In short, she's formidable; it's impossible to avoid her if she's set her sights on you for something, but in her, you're bound to find a loyal friend who can't be shaken.

    She's far from perfect, however. Many people find her irksome or downright annoying, especially when the crazy antics or teasing starts up. She's exceptionally clumsy and prone to getting lost. She's also quite clueless when it comes to matters of romance. Her impulsiveness gets her into bad situations, like stuck inside a missile base about to self-destruct. Her intent to stay happy in front of others is a weakness as well, even though she's outwardly doing her part for others, she has to squealch her own feelings to do so. There is a biting side to her as well. While she cheerfully bounces and endorses "Everyone! Love and Peace!", her preferred game as a child was WAR!! and her default solution for conflict resolution is to "Blow it to smithereens with a rocket launcher!!" She's aggressive in a startling way, especially if left to her own devices. She'll tone it down and backtrack from it when called out for being too excessive, playing it off as a joke. And she's got an unnatural love of trains that induces spontaneous singing. (Yeah, I don't get it either.)

    Powers/Abilities: Selphie comes with a broad smattering of skills. She's trained as a communications specialist with SeeD and she's got a knack for all things techie, even maintaining her own website (at at time when no one had them). She's also a pilot and an amateur musician.

    Slots: Selphie possesses a unique defense mechanism, which is slot based magic. At random, spells become available for her to cast, even ones not in her stock. The four that are unique to her alone are Rapture (ejects enemies straight into Heaven), Wall (produces a wall from the ground that protects against magical and physical attacks), Full-Cure (cures all injuries and status ailments) and The End (a flowery one-shot kills all, takes out everything but undead). To trigger them, she must be in a critical situation, or under the influence of the spell Aura.

    Like most people in her world, she relies on junctioning GFs (Guardian Forces) to use para-magic. The trade off for using GFs is that memory loss happens over time. With personal reminders or discontinued use of GFs, the memories will come back. She'd arrive with three GF's junctioned: Cactuar, Cerberus, and Quezacotl, as well as a full stock of high level magic. Once the magic is used, it's gone for good, unless she finds a way to draw it off places or monsters. (Understanding that all of this is locked down/taken away on arrival.)


    CR AU
    Game You’re Transferring CR from: n/a

    How has your character changed from their canon self? m/a

    Are they gaining any abilities from their time in game? Did the game setting take something from them?

    Actionspam Sample:
    "Selphie, please don't make Squall angry."

    Prose Sample:
    "Wakeupwakeupwakeup~ It's morning~!!"


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